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Turkeys at Denstone Hall 2012

Traditionally Reared Free Range Turkeys
On the Evans family farm we have been rearing Turkeys for over 40 years with 3 generations of the family working together over the busy Christmas period. Our free range Norfolk Bronze and Traditional White Turkeys are reared in small groups and have very natural lives living in grassland pastures by day and sleeping on deep straw in open sided barns by night.

So what else makes our birds different?
• Totally free-range (reared in small groups in large grass fields - better muscle development)
• Cereal based feed with vegetable protein without additives, drugs or growth promoters
• Dry plucked and hand finished (Slower but much better finish)
• Hung for over 10 days for improved fuller flavour
• Eviscerated and trussed by hand the traditional way
• NOT gas flushed like most supermarket birds
• 100% Traceability - Reared by Rupert’s brother on the Evans family farm

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Free Range Turkeys

The Old Turkey Loft

What we offer...

Products Prices from*
Free Range Norfolk Bronze Turkey £52.80 (Example 4.5kg / 10lb Turkey)
Traditional Free Range White Turkey £49.50 (Example 4.5kg / 10lb Turkey)
Barn Reared White Turkey £37.40 (Example 4.5kg / 10lb Turkey)
Turkey Royale £28.20 (Example 3kg / 6.6lb Joint)
Turkey Butterfly Breast Joint £25.00 (Example 3kg / 6.6lb Joint)
Packington Cockerel £33.92 (Example 3.6kg / 8lb Cockerel)
Three Bird Roast (Turkey/Duck/Pheasant) Start at £75 (approx 3kg)
Free Range Goose £67.80 (Example 4.5kg / 10lb Goose)
Guinea Fowl £15.88 (Example 1.8kg / 4lb Guinea Fowl)

Full Price List

Product Description
Some butchers have different names for different joints so to help clear things up we've got a few descriptions and images below showing the differences between a crown, a butterfly joint and a Turkey Royale.

Turkey Crown (Breast on the bone)

An oven ready turkey with legs & dark thigh meat removed.

You pay for the whole bird at the normal price and we crown the bird & supply the legs boneless or on the bone to your specification. We add a nominal £3 butchery charge for this service.

Turkey Royale

Turkey Butterfly Breast Joint
A boneless joint comprising white breast meat only. Turkey Royale

Turkey Royale
A boneless turkey breast stuffed with award winning Staffordshire Sizzler, wrapped in dry cured streaky bacon and garnished with royal herbs. More Turkey Royale

Turkey Size Guide
Choose a size which is enough for you and your guests. Many people order a bird which is too large and takes longer to cook. Ideally, leftovers should be just that. A bird size of 12lbs feeds about ten people. The weights below will give you plenty on Christmas Day and enough for some inventive cooking in the days that follow.

Weight No of People
4kg (9lb) 4-6 people
5kg (11lb) 6-8 people
6kg (13lb) 8-10 people
7kg (15lb) 10-12 people
8kg (17.5lb) 12-16 people
9kg (20lb) 18-22 people

Placing your Order

In Store - complete an order form with the help of one of our butchers who will advise on price and size. Pay a £25 deposit and we'll give you an order number.

Closing date for orders is Sunday 15th December.

Please note we aim to fulfill weight requirements as accurately as possible however there may be some variances.

All Christmas orders must be collected from the farm shop and the balance paid in full. We do not offer a delivery service. When completing your order form you will be asked to choose your collection date (Sun 22nd, Mon 23rd or Tue 24th).

Poultry Price List 2013
- Download Price List PDF
** The prices below are not yet confirmed from the growers and may vary.

Free Range Norfolk Bronze Turkey
Size £/KG
3.75 - 6.75 kg (8 - 15 lbs)


7.0 - 9.0 kg (15.5 - 19.75 lbs) £11.15
9.25 - 11.5 kg (20 - 25 lbs) £10.45

Free Range Traditional White Turkey
Size £/KG
3.75 - 6.75 kg (8 - 15 lbs) £10.90
7.0 - 9.0 kg (15.5 - 19.75 lbs) £10.45
9.25 - 11.5 kg (20 - 25 lbs) £9.85

Barn Reared White Turkey - Caldecott Farms
Size £/KG
3.75 - 6.75 kg (8 - 15 lbs) £8.25

Turkey Butterfly Joints (from barn reared birds)
Size £/KG
2 - 4.5 kg (4-10lbs) £8.35

Turkey Royale (from barn reared birds)
Size £/KG
3 - 6 kg (6.5-13lbs) £9.40

Fresh Cockerels - Packington Poultry
Size £/KG
3 - 5 kg (6.5 - 11.5 lbs) £9.35

Free Range Geese
Size £/KG
5 - 8 kg (9 - 17 lbs) £14.95

Fresh Ducks (Aylesbury)
Size £/KG
2 - 3 kg (4.5 - 6.5 lbs) £7.95

Guinea Fowl
Size £/KG
1.5 - 2 kg (3.5 - 4.5 lbs) £8.75

Three Bird Roast (Turkey, Duck, Pheasant with sausage meat and stuffing)
Size £
Medium 3 - 4 kg (6.5 - 9.0lbs) £75 - £105
Large 4.5 - 6 kg (9.5 - 13lbs) £11- - £150

Turkey Crown – £3 charge. A crown is a whole Turkey with the legs/dark meat removed. You pay for the whole bird at the normal price and we crown the bird & supply the legs boneless or on the bone to your specification. There is a £5 charge for any other butchery to Turkeys i.e Bone and roll.

Also available: Prime fatstock winning Beef, Gammons, Hams, free-range Pork, Staffordshire Moorlands Lamb, Venison and other Game.

*Offer applies to whole Free Range Turkeys only.
Orders must be recieved by 24th November with a £25 deposit.




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