We don’t just run the Farm Shop and Café, our business includes beef livestock and arable farming too!


We rear our own beef cattle, mainly native breeds such as Herefords, Aberdeen Angus and Long Horns, which are used directly in our own butchery. We rear them outdoors on large open pastures in the fine grazing months and then bring them in over winter and feed them on a corn mix that is made using our own barley.

We also have a small flock of sheep that our children look after with the ram lambs being used within the butchery. We plan to increase our sheep numbers gradually to help fulfil our demand.


We are a member of the (ELS) Entry Level Stewardship Scheme monitored by National England which helps to maintain the land and wildlife and encourages bio diversity. We grow a mix of wheat, barley and oil seed rape. The feed wheat is sold to a local chicken farm only 8 miles away, a small proportion is grown for seed wheat and the rest is for milling sold on the open market.