Family is at the very heart of our business

Between us, the Boden and Evans families have been rearing livestock and farming for generations, since 1840 in fact. Throughout this period, we have always been involved in promoting and encouraging the success of agriculture in the UK.

Family History

The Boden’s – Denstone, Staffordshire

The Boden family have been synonymous with farming in Staffordshire for many generations. How many we can’t be exactly sure!

Harry Boden was one of the first, making his mark as a founder member of the Milk Marketing Board. Tom Bennion Boden O.B.E. was involved in milk politics, as well as serving the NFU for 40 years, during which time he held the office of Deputy President. David and Joyce Boden are the current stewards of the countryside and have seen the highs and lows of farming over the past 60 years.

The Evans’ – Olney, Buckinghamshire

Rupert’s side of the family are much newer to the agricultural scene. After studying at Harper Adams back in the 60’s Rupert’s father Anthony, took a Duchy of Lancaster farm tenancy at Olney – Park Farm in Buckinghamshire. There, he had a mixed livestock and arable farm, eventually specialising in poultry and, at it’s peak, reared over 20,000 turkeys a year. Rupert’s brother James has now taken over the poultry business and supplies Denstone Hall Farm Shop with free range turkeys at Christmas.

Farm History

1840 – 1963

Farm tenanted by the Boden family.

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1963 – 1990

Denstone Hall Farm with its 120 acres, was purchased by T.B. Boden and Son. Following the purchase, the farm steadily developed to its present size of 428 acres, two thirds owned and one third rented. During this time the dairy herd developed with significant investment during the 1970’s, taking the herd to 320 cows. A B&B opened by David’s wife Joyce in 1986 helped support the business through 20 years in agriculture – some of those years were challenging!


Diversified out of dairy and the beef herd was started.

1996 – 2006

The beef herd increased to 60. The farm became self-sufficient, growing cereals and forage crops for the livestock enterprise.

2007 – 2013

Emma and Rupert gave up their corporate careers in London and moved back to Staffordshire to launch their new venture, a farm shop and café in the converted milking parlour building. The success of the farm shop and café continued to grow year-on-year and a plan of action was swiftly put into place to move into a custom built Farm Shop and Café next to the existing shop.


The brand new Denstone Hall Farm Shop and Café opened on October 19th with fantastic reviews, more awards, lots more homemade produce and an influx of staff with great customer service skills.