We are committed to Excellence in Sustainability

As a family and a company, we are dedicated to looking after the stunning Staffordshire and Derbyshire countryside that surrounds our farm.

At the point of expanding our business in 2013 we were able to design and plan the new building to ensure that we made it as ecological as possible. It was important to us to create a building and business which is sustainable for the future because, not only is it our own ethos, but it provides the perfect backdrop to our promotion of local food. It’s all the little things that make a huge difference, take a look at some of the things we do at Denstone Hall.


We have under floor heating (hot water generated from an air source heat pump) and the whole building is fully insulated to the highest level. We use mainly low energy LED lighting. It might seem obvious, but we do not light the Farm Shop overnight or when closed – many large chain stores do.

Much of our equipment is new and, as such, comes with the new AAA rating. In some areas we have spent time sourcing equipment that will also lower our electrical consumption.


During the planning stage, we were able to install a 10,000L rain water harvesting system that is used primarily for the toilets and for watering the plants and garden.

We have training in place to ensure that staff don’t leave taps on in the kitchen and, as such, we wash vegetables and fruit in the café with plugs in the sink.

Waste Reduction

We sell Denstone Hall “bags for life” & all our plastic carriers are biodegradable.

All waste is sorted into recycling bins; cardboard packaging, plastic and glass. Food waste is minimal as we home-cook everything using fresh, seasonal produce.

We buy in bulk where we can and as locally as possible to reduce the transportation of packaging. We also buy fruit and vegetables from local sources so that we reduce the amount of pre-packed consumables which we then display in re-usable baskets. Any fruit and vegetables that remain unsold are given straight to our café for soups and desserts.

Encouraging Wildlife

All our planting is bee friendly and local bee keepers locate hives on our land. We are then able to sell the honey in store.

We also work with the Wildlife Trust and have installed a barn owl box in a mature oak tree next to the river as well as an Otter holt bedded in the river bank in a secret location!

Promoting Sustainable Transport

We provide information about how to reach us by public transport but our main contribution to sustainable transport is our support of walkers and cyclists.

As we are located on the Staffordshire Way and at the end of the much used old railway line that runs through the Churnet Valley, we encourage customers to visit us as part of their walks and cycle rides. We actively welcome walkers, cyclists with their muddy boots, cycles and when they are in larger groups. Dogs are welcome in our outside seating area.

We also try to employ local staff in order to reduce commuter miles which means we have a number of staff who walk to work.

Supporting the Local Economy / Sustainable Purchasing

Local food sourcing is at the heart of our ethos which reduces food miles from ‘gate to plate’ & we are regularly buying from around 50 local suppliers.

We support local non-food businesses too. Our regular special events encourage customers to find out about other local activities and businesses. There is a table in our entrance area with leaflets and information about local businesses and events to signpost customers to their next stop off.